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DSRM provide the most cost effective way to secure your vacant property from unauthorised entry, vandalism and squatters.

Empty commercial and residential properties create a risk-related challenge for property owners, investors and developers. Whether a property is vacant for one day, 6 months or more, the risks increase and so does the potential for expensive delays, legal costs and damages. In addition, a property being vacant for more than 30 days can affect certain aspects of the property insurance. With changes to the squatting laws, commercial property is now at a particular risk of squatting. Additionally, there is the common and constant risk of intrusion to vandalise and steal valuable fixtures and fittings. DSRM offers a full range of physical and electronic security solutions that are tailor-made to offer a cost-effective solution that ensures your asset is protected. The services offered by DSRM exceed the standards set down by all the major insurers and ensure that our clients meet all of their insurance and public liability obligations.

In the current financial climate insolvency is the unfortunate outcome for some commercial ventures that fail to weather the storm. Such insolvencies can result in vacant properties of all sizes and type. DSRM provides a range of accredited services, recognised by the Police and insurance companies, aimed at protecting vacant properties that are in administration or receivership.

The scale of the work required varies, but can be significant if, for example, a chain of retail outlets goes into administration. We understand that in such circumstances our professional clients require a bespoke service that will lead to all the vacant properties being secured promptly and for them to stay secure until such time as the legal processes have been completed. We will speedily fulfil the initial safeguarding of the buildings and contents, and then, following a full inspection and risk assessment, set about the process of making the buildings secure, maintaining a high level of daily security through continual monitoring.

Any empty property can quickly become a target for vandals or thieves looking for easy-pickings, and with today’s high scrap prices we often hear of homes stripped of copper piping and internal wiring, leaving the property owner with thousands of pounds worth of damage and major upheaval to put it right.

We can supply a property guardian or operatives for premises that are empty, safeguarding them from unwelcome visitors and ensuring your property is treated with the utmost respect at all times. Our live-in or out guardians or operatives are carefully vetted over and above the British Standards 7858 and are currently employed – ensuring our property guardians or operatives are responsible and trusted individuals who have your property’s protection and condition best interests at heart.

We will find the most suitable property guardian or operative for your London property who will live in /out for as long as you need – and we have guardians and operatives ready to move with just few hours’ notice.

Our mission is to protect and preserve the substantial investment our clients have made in their properties until they are brought back into use, sold or demolished.

Our service begins with a free, no-obligation site risk assessment, enabling us to identify specific risks to your property and advise you on the most suitable solutions to ensure the on-going security of your asset.

In order to do this we carefully vet and select our property guardians from a pool of reliable and trustworthy working professionals and we place them into vacant properties for a temporary period of time.

DSRM protects high end properties for property owners at a fraction of the cost in comparison to concierge security officers due to our dynamic security solution.

As part of our service, we also provide full facilities management for every aspect of your property. Whether that is swimming pool maintenance to complicated boiler system upgrades to fire alarm system servicing to high specification cleaning, we ensure that your property is kept at the high standard you require, all year long.

Whether you have a short or long-term requirement, need a same day response in an emergency situation, anywhere in the UK, DSRM’s Temporary steel security door and window screen service will have a solution for you.

Installed quickly and efficiently by our fast-response team, DSRM can supply insurance and Police approved, heavy-duty, custom-fitted, multiple size products to protect any size or type of property.

A comprehensive range of vacant and environmental property services

  • keyless steel security doors
  • key operated steel security doors
  • temporary steel window screens
  • perforated steel sheets
  • Responsive in the most challenging circumstances
  • First class, bespoke, seamless solutions for our customers
  • Experienced and friendly customer service team answer every call
  • 24/7 manned guarding available
  • SIA-Approved Guards
  • Fully vetted & trained to highest level
  • Dog handlers available
  • There is no postcode lottery when it comes to service delivery
  • Risk of undetected and damaging incidents such as water leaks are greatly reduced
  • The ability to drain down the property, clear the site (including toxic and/or combustible waste) and secure its perimeter.
  • Risk of unlawful entry/occupation is mitigated by the presence of a property guardian
  • DSRM Guardians/operatives costs are 15%-30% less than our competitors without sacrificing the standards.

Overall, DSRM can be extremely cost-effective in safeguarding an empty property from the key risks of theft, vandalism, squatters, flood, and fire, thereby maintaining the full functionality of the building until the time it is ready for re-occupation.

Whatever your requirements may be, Clearway will have an answer. Whether you need a short or long term solution or require a same day emergency service anywhere in the UK Clearway can help.

If you are a London Landlord or Letting Agent dealing with a problem tenant, whether it is a Residential or Commercial premises London Repossessions can help you evict the tenant and get your property back. With fixed prices you know exactly where you stand from the beginning. By using our fixed fee and three stage processes you will not suddenly be faced with “Disbursements” or other hidden charges.



If you need to evict a tenant in London, and want a fast, professional, low cost, and no fuss eviction service , that is exactly what we provide, and why you need to contact us today.

All Court applications and notices are completed by a specialist Solicitor or Court Certified legal professional who will manage all or part of the tenant eviction for you. As experienced eviction professionals they will assist with every stage of the tenant eviction process, help you with arrears recovery, and also enforcement of judgments. That level of experience, expertise and peace of mind cannot be offered by most others in this field. We have a team of fully trained legally qualified advocates at our disposal that will represent you in court and secure the possession of your property back from tenants.

We are so confident that we can get you the outcome you want, we can offer a money back guarantee. If an application for a residential possession order fails and our Court Advocate’s report indicates it was due to an error in our paperwork, we will Refund Our Fee!

From the serving of notice, to tenant eviction, through to you getting the keys back, our simple and affordable three step process we will help you get your property back quickly, and most importantly, cost effectively. Once we have obtained possession of your property our repossession services can also be used to restore it back to you, clean and secure.

Our aim is evict your tenants and get your property back for you as quickly and as simply as possible.  We are here to take the pressure and anxiety that this process can cause away from you. If you have bad tenants or you are encountering any of the following difficulties, DSRM can help. We will arrange, and implement the eviction process for you.


o   You have a bad tenant(s) who is/are not paying the rent

o   You have a tenant who refuses to leave the property after the tenancy agreement has come to an end

o   Your tenant is in breach of some an obligation contained in the tenancy agreement

o   We can do this for you in three easy steps:

1. Serve notice seeking possession. Fixed Fee £99

We will serve a Notice on your problem tenant. It will warn them to pay the outstanding rent or to leave the property and it may be just what they need to realise the severity of the situation. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Service.

2. Obtaining a possession order. From £499 including Court Fees

We instruct our Legal Team to apply to the courts for proceedings to be issued against your tenant. A court date is arranged for the hearing on the earliest possible day available following instruction. Our Advocate will attend the court hearing on your behalf and obtain the court order as required.

3. Bailiff Action. From £199

Once the court order for eviction is made, if the tenant does not leave we will apply for the order to enforced by the court Bailiff or if you select our fast track option, by High Court Enforcement Officers. If you have an existing possession order this can also be set on the Fast Track route.

Operating across the DSRM are proud to have a national support structure in place with local management resource to ensure a quick response for any issues that may be encountered. Making use of the latest technology DSRM make sure there’s always a line of communication providing constant feedback on the status of your property.


  • When only the best is acceptable

    Complimentary Security Consultation

    All our operatives have recieved additional training due to current pandemic which covers conflict resolution relating to que management / social distancing / sanitisation disciplines / entry policies / mental illness and counter terrorism.
    Appoint our services with confidence

    DSRM Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision, Security Guarding and Close Protection

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