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Environmental Policy

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DSRM recognises that all organisations, whatever their size, must make whatever contribution they can to conserve resources to achieve a greener society.

DSRM aims:

  • where possible, to use security personnel living close to the target venue to minimise the need for transport.
  • if transport is necessary, to encourage a car sharing policy wherever and whenever possible.
  • to purchase, whenever possible, refurbished radio equipment.
  • to use only rechargeable radio equipment on the job to eradicate the need for, and subsequent disposal of, life-limited batteries.
  • to minimise paper wastage by storing a headed notepaper template on line to use by email or to be printed only when absolutely necessary.
  • to recycle all unwanted paper and card products from the DSRM office.
  • to monitor, record and, at the end of each shift to retrieve, all items of DSRM owned uniform and equipment to conserve resources.
  • to be ever vigilant in seeking new and innovative ways to maximise the conservation of resources across the organisation.
  • to ensure that all security personnel associated with DSRM are made aware of this environmental policy as part of their induction programme.