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DSRM provides bespoke solutions to physically protect valuable assets such as property, aircraft and belongings. Our consultants can liaise and formulate a plan to provide a complete package for your individual requirements. Threat and risks can be significantly reduced by correct implementation of a risk assessment and practical physical security plan to ensure the safety and security of your assets and personnel.

The threats that businesses face when transporting cargo and goods via freight is now greater than ever, with high value goods being transported throughout the World, protecting them can be a daunting task.

The modern threat of criminal activity that businesses face every day when transporting both high and low risk goods can create complications. As modern technology moves forward and the world’s lust for the latest technology increases, criminal elements will increase their efforts to steal and hijack high value assets and products.

The constant movement of transport services requires special support solutions to help our customers maintain their schedules and meet passenger’s high expectations and our experience and knowledge will result in decisive and effectively contingencies to any security situation.

Our dedicated transportation team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of this fast moving sector and focusing on the criteria that matter most to our transportation customers.

Whether transporting by road, rail, sea or air our security solutions provide the support and infrastructure you need to trace, track and trail valuable goods. We will put in place personnel and innovation to help you monitor your assets every step of the way.

We provide completely bespoke security operations based on our client’s exact specifications, working at home or abroad, and in both hostile and non-hostile environments. DSRM provide a door-to-door service or integrate seamlessly into other operations to ensure the safe delivery of our client’s valuables.

We provide asset transportation services for both the private and corporate clients. Our services range from simple cash deliveries to transportation of highly valued antiques and jewellery. We personally chauffer you and your valuable merchandise or can follow you in one of our own, unmarked vehicles.

Security Survey and Planning
We provide comprehensive security surveys which are the foundation of our operational plans. Starting with a threat assessment, we review the client’s vulnerabilities, their capabilities, and their desired outcome. This information is developed into robust security plans for implementation by the client, their third party security provider, or us.

Secure Asset Transportation
We provide all forms of asset transportation including; secure convoy monitoring. We provide highly trained security staff, working to rigorous operating procedures to deliver the optimum secure transportation solutions. Transportation is complimented by global tracking, a quick response team and insurance.

Asset Protection
We recognise that most business will not have the resources or expertise available in house to mitigate risk so will turn to outsourcing, thus appointing a reliable partner as a cost effective solution. DSRM is familiar with working in challenging situations and accumulated a great deal of experience and been instrumental in providing ‘turn-key’ solutions to significant start-up operations, within the UK and overseas.

Global Tracking
To complement our asset protection and crisis management services, we provide global tracking. Satellite tracking is supported by our control centres. At any one time we know where an asset is, and should an incident occur (and the panic button be activated) we can react immediately. There are many levels of reaction to an incident, all of which are provided by our response services. These solutions are often supported by an appropriate insurance policy.

Our Asset Protection and Asset Transport Security Services Include (but is not limited to):

  • Sensitive documents
  • Driving you and your assets to your destination
  • Following logistical vehicles as you transport assets
  • Protecting cash deliveries, jewellery, antiques, gold, art and any other valuable asset overtly or covertly
  • Court appearances (Incl. general and high profile court trials)
  • Transport of People displaying violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Supervised contact visits

All of our high risk transportation measures, procedures and special measure are discussed in confidence with our clients prior to transportation or protection taking place. By carrying out this consultancy, we are able to assess the main factors, such as the potential threats and understanding the client’s needs, requirements and requests.

DSRM can provide both marked and un-marked vehicles so that a visual deterrent can be created, or a very discreet and under cover service, our management and executive team will liaise directly with our clients to ensure their exact needs are met so we can fit in around their business. All of our escort vehicles that include Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover are designed and equipped to be high powered response vehicles, with satellite tracking, communications and HD video cameras installed, which stream live images from around them to a secure third party control room, where they are viewed and recorded in real time.

Logistic support
Operational activities can range from the management of site traffic, the screening and delivery of goods within a secure environment, or provision of transport for people, plant and equipment to a site. Getting the right combination of these logistics activities is vital to the successful delivery of any project.

The operational environment can contribute to the complexity of a logistics challenge often requiring additional factors to be considered such as access to restricted areas or the security and storage options available. A detailed understanding of these is essential before a viable logistics solution can be designed and implemented.
We understand that every project, event, site and operation provides a logistics challenge which is different and all require solutions to meet their specific needs. Our flexible approach enables us to combine the expertise of different logistics management fields such as; transport, storage, vertical and horizontal material movement and people flow.

Our team and security operatives are fully trained in the protection of valuable goods and experienced in transporting assets both short and long distances. DSRM operatives have received expert training to deal with every scenario, which can take place in regards to transporting valuable assets. Their vast training and experience has provided them with the skill and manoeuvrability to provide optimal protection and safety to the asset. Our security operatives are bonded in multiple countries; therefore, we can transport valuable asset across borders if necessary. We can provide multi-guard teams to transport the asset when going long distances allowing operatives to securely switch out at designated points along the way. There are primary and alternate points and operatives randomly radio (encrypted) ahead to the next RVP point to change relay points to increase the security of the transport.


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    All our operatives have recieved additional training due to current pandemic which covers conflict resolution relating to que management / social distancing / sanitisation disciplines / entry policies / mental illness and counter terrorism.
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    DSRM Limited currently holds SIA Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) status for the provision of Door Supervision, Security Guarding and Close Protection

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